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The alma Mentoring Platform

Experience is valuable, especially if it is shared. The IMC Mentoring Programme pairs up graduates who would like to share their experience with students who will benefit from their expertise.

This platform aims to support you in all administrative aspects of your mentorship: from getting to know each other to arranging appointments and managing documentation, you can do everything online.

Every mentor and mentee agree on how they want to approach their mentorship. To successfully complete a mentorships and receive a certificate, we recommend that you meet between five and seven times over a period of five to six months at least, which will give you enough time for orientation and reflection.

How to become a mentor

The IMC Mentoring Programme focuses on supporting students in planning and starting a career. If you have experience that you would like to share with other people and guide them, you can register as a mentor on the alma Mentoring Platform, where future IMC mentees will be able to find and contact you.

How to become a mentee

If you are studying at IMC Krems and are thinking about your future career, the alma Mentoring Platform will provide you with individual support: here  you can find the right person among all IMC mentors to support you throughout your career planning.

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