Information on Data Protection

of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems 
for website „alma IMC Mentoring Programm“ 



§1 Responsible and scope

§2 What is personal data?

§3 What personal data do we collect, process and use?

§4 User profiles / use of cookies

§5 Security measures to protect the data stored by us

§6 Hyperlinks to external websites

§7 Revocation / objection

§8 Information on your personal data stored by us / storage period / deletion

§9 Instructions on legal remedies


This summary is intended to provide orientation for users of the alma IMC Mentoring Program website. If you agree to these data protection regulations, the provisions of §1-§9 apply.

All user data on this platform is processed in compliance with the GDPR. It will not be passed on to third parties. All of the data you enter on the website is only stored in encrypted form.

Data usage

The data to be provided for registration (with the exception of "field of study", "first name" and the first letter of the "last name") are never visible to other users and are used exclusively:

  • to contact users by email in the event of prolonged inactivity during an ongoing mentorship
  • to contact mentors via email in the event of a mentorship request
  • anonymized for statistical evaluations
  • to track and contact users in the event of misuse of the platform (e.g. for advertising purposes) or in the event of suspected violations of the law (e.g. insult or hate speech)

Other data that you fill out in your profile area will be used to process and administer mentorships. A user profile can only be viewed by other registered users of the platform in the following cases:

  • if it is displayed in the mentor search,
  • when users write or comment on posts in the forum,
  • for members of a group that the user has joined or is administrated by,
  • when users create or edit posts in the wiki section of the website.

Under no circumstances is it possible to view the entire user database.

The e-mail address of users is also used for the administration of other offers and features on the website, such as for the administration of events (reminders, information about location and/or date changes).

Use of cookies

The alma platform uses cookies. These serve exclusively for the functionality of the platform. You can administrate your consent to the use of cookies at any time in your profile area.

§1 Responsible and scope

The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems GmbH, Piaristengasse 1, 3500 Krems an der Donau (hereinafter also "IMC FH Krems") attaches great importance to the responsible handling of your personal data in accordance with the provisions on data protection (DSGVO).

Below you will find the exact legal explanations for which purposes we use your data and what happens to your data when you use (hereinafter "our platform") and its offers.

Ongoing changes in the law or changes to our processes may make it necessary to adapt these data protection provisions. You will be notified by email of any changes that are relevant to you. The data protection regulations can be called up, saved and printed out at any time at

§2 What is personal data?

Personal data is all information that can be used to find out personal or factual circumstances about you (e.g.: name, address, telephone number, date of birth or e-mail address). Information that we cannot (or only with a disproportionate amount of effort) relate to your person, e.g. by making the information anonymous, is not personal data.

§3 What personal data do we collect, process and use?

We use your personal data exclusively to be able to offer you a comprehensive service via our platform and to provide the desired services.

In addition, access data without personal reference, such as: the name of your Internet service provider, your IP address, the page from which you are visiting us, the names of the requested files and their retrieval date. We collect and evaluate this data in order to adapt and improve our offer for you. This data does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person.

There is no further use of your personal data. Your data will not be used for advertising purposes (logos of cooperation and sponsoring partners in mailings) (except for the cases described below). A transfer of your personal data to third parties does not take place. An exception to this rule applies in the following cases:

  • if we are legally obliged to release data (information to law enforcement authorities and courts; information to public bodies that receive data due to legal regulations, e.g.: social security agencies, tax authorities, etc.) or
  • if we engage third parties who are bound to professional secrecy to enforce our claims.
Personal data is used for the following areas of activity:

Your personal data will only be used to administer the mentorships and, if applicable, other offers on the platform (groups, events, mentoring wiki, forum). The mandatory information to be provided here is: first name, last name, gender, date of birth, postal address, telephone number, field of study(s) and e-mail address.

This data is processed for the following purposes:

  • e-mailing of mentorship requests to mentors
  • e-mail reminders in the event of prolonged inactivity despite ongoing mentorships
  • administration of events: Reminders, location or date changes via email
  • statistical evaluations
  • traceability of users in case of improper use of the platform

§4 User profiles / Use of cookies

Except in the cases mentioned above, IMC FH Krems does not create any personal user profiles. In connection with the retrieval of the services you require, data for the provision of our various services or for evaluation purposes is only stored on the servers in an anonymous form. General information is processed here, e.g. when which content is retrieved from our offer.

We use so-called “cookies” (small text files with configuration information) on When you first access the platform, you will be asked whether you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, certain features of the platform may not be fully available. You can change the settings for the use of cookies at any time in your profile area.

Regardless of your consent, we use the following functional cookies:

  • PHP session cookie: this enables the current user session
  • cookie consent cookie: to save the cookie consent of a user - even if he does not have a user account (e.g. for events with guests)
  • redirect cookie: to redirect from page to page

We only use the following cookies after you have given your consent:

  • Google Maps cookies for map elements
  • Stripe cookies for payments

Cookies are small text files that are sent from our web server to your browser when you use our platform and are stored on your computer for later retrieval. We use so-called session cookies (also known as temporary cookies), i.e. those that are only cached for the duration of your use of our platform.

The cookies used also serve to determine the frequency of use and the number of users of our platform and to be able to determine the end of your use. This tells us which area of ​​our platform our users have used. However, this usage data does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the user(s). None of this anonymously collected usage data will be combined with your personal data according to § 3 of these data protection regulations and will be deleted immediately after the end of the statistical evaluation. After the end of the session, as soon as you exit our platform, the cookies are deleted (session cookies).

Other cookies (especially long-term cookies) remain on your computer and enable us to recognize your computer on your next visit. These cookies are used to greet you with your user name and make it unnecessary to re-enter your password or fill out forms with your data. The generated cookies have an expiry time of 14 months (shortest possible data retention period). Our cooperation partners are not permitted to use cookies to collect, process or use personal data via our platform.

§5 Security measures to protect the data stored by us

We are committed to protecting your privacy and treating your personal information confidentially.

The IMC mentoring program uses the alma mentoring system as software as a service. The Alumni Association of the University of Vienna, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna, which is responsible for selling the software, provides the server on which your data is stored. In our contract of use for the alma software, IMC FH Krems was informed in detail and assured of the extensive technical and organizational security precautions, which are regularly checked and adapted to technological progress.

However, we would like to point out that due to the structure of the Internet, it is possible that the rules of data protection and the above-mentioned security measures are not observed by other persons or institutions for whom we are not responsible. In particular, unencrypted data can be read by third parties, even if this is done by e-mail. We have no technical influence on this. It is the responsibility of the user to protect the data he/she has provided against misuse by encryption or in some other way.

§6 Hyperlinks to external websites

Our platform contains so-called hyperlinks (cross-references) to external websites, such as the IMC FH Krems homepage. If you activate such a hyperlink, you will be forwarded directly from our platform to the platform of other providers. You can recognize this by the change in the URL, among other things. We cannot assume any responsibility for the confidential handling of your data on third-party websites, as we have no influence on whether these companies comply with data protection regulations. Please refer to these websites directly for information on how these companies handle your personal data.

§7 Revocation / objection

We would like to point out that you can revoke your consent (= consent) at any time with effect for the future and that you can also object to the processing and use of your data for advertising purposes at any time: Please contact [email protected] or by post to our address IMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH, Piaristengasse 1, 3500 Krems an der Donau.

Consent to data processing for the administration of mentorships and other offers on the platform

If I register on the alma IMC Mentoring Program website, I consent to the IMC using my full name, date of birth, postal address, gender, telephone number and e-mail address for the purpose of processing and administering my registration further information provided by me will be processed in accordance with this data protection policy.

If contacted, I confirm that I am over 18 years old.

I am aware that the granting of my above consent is voluntary and that I can revoke my consent to IMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH at any time.

§8 Information on your personal data stored by us / storage period / deletion

We only store your personal information for as long as this is permitted by law. The stored personal data will be deleted if the user revokes his*her consent to storage or if knowledge of this data is no longer required to fulfill the purpose for which it was stored, in particular if the user account is deleted or if their storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.

As the person affected by the data processing, you have the right of:

  • information,
  • correction,
  • deletion,
  • restriction,
  • data portability and
  • termination of further processing.

At your request, we will be happy to tell you which data we have stored about you. If, despite our efforts to ensure correct and up-to-date data, we have stored incorrect data, we will correct it immediately.

You can check, correct or delete the personal data provided to us at any time by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] or by writing to the following postal address IMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH, Piaristengasse 1, 3500 Krems an der Donau.

If you wish to have the stored data deleted, this will also be done at your request by the 15th of the following month. If deletion is not possible for legal reasons, the respective data will be blocked instead. However, please note that if your data is deleted, we can no longer offer you the services described here.

§9 Instructions on legal remedies

In principle, you have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction, data portability and objection. For this, please contact us. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection rights have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to the supervisory authority. In Austria, the data protection authority ( is responsible.

Status as of August 2022